To my English visitors

Welcome to my pages. I hope you will enjoy them even if most of the text is in
Swedish - but as you will see it wónt matter so much. I dónt think that most of
my drawings need to be translated!

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I am just a little lady born in Sweden in the 40:s.
Married and happy since 1966 and have two grown
up sons, who both made this site possible.

bluemomsen4.gif (3232 bytes)

And my cat, Momsen, of course! Moms is a Swedish tax (Vat).
Tax in Swedish translation is "skatt" and the Swedish for cat is "katt"!
So, this is a VatCat! Did you get it??
He i s gone... The 20 of december 2003 he got so sick that he had to pass away.
I miss him a lot!

My educations are of different kind - High School, Visual- and Fine Art School,
Ground Hostess School and some more.
I have been working as an Art Director, as a Ground Hostess on the
Swedish domestic airway, in a travel agency, as a Booking Clerk at British Airways,
and as an Accountant. Since 1987 I have my own accountant firm.
Now I am thinking of what I will be when I grow up!

Interests are:
Internet, books, crosswords, cat, cat, cat, gardening and, of course my husband
and my sons!

Quite a lot in the Nordic countries of course and some in the rest of Europe.
I have also visited the Middle East a couple of times (lived half a year in Israel).
I have also made one trip to Florida and I will do more far away travel if my fear
of flying will disappear!


This is me working! Too much as usual!

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And here I am! Looking just as unhappy as the drawing shows!!